DOUBLE amplifier head

2 channel amplifier head with power to drive any speaker.











The Double Head is versatile. It features 2 hi-end channels giving you clean warm sound. Use it for vocal and any instrument needing amplification.

You get inputs/outputs for instruments, microphone, outboard effects and balanced line connections to PA and recording equipment.

The musical sounding 4 band equalizers are easy to use, and the built in footswitchable, 24 bit effects unit, expand the sonic palette.

The channel mute is perfect when you switch between instruments, and the mute is great when you take a break.

The output section gives you up to 550 watts clean raw power, and will drive any loudspeaker.

The aluminium cabinet is powder coated with silk screened artwork. At 1,8 kilo's and 28 x 20 x 6 cm's you can bring it everywhere.

With the voltage switch (115/230 volts AC), you can use your amp worldwide.

The amplifier is designed for easy everyday use, and built to last many years.



channel B: instrument input-(3 Mohms), gain, phase, 4 band EQ, lo cut, direct XLR out.

channel A: instrument/microphone input-(200 ohms/3 Mohms), gain, phase, 4 band Equalizer, lo cut, pad, phantom power, direct XLR out.

channel A+B: channel mute, mute, balanced XLR out,ground lift, unbalanced line/headphone out,  send-return, aux in, footswitch, Speakon/jack speaker outputs, voltage switch, IEC mains with fuse,mains power switch.   

Input sensitivity 3 milliVolt - 3 Volt.                       

Input impedance: Instrument 3 Mohms. Microphone 200 ohms.

Equalizer frequenzy's: 50 HZ, 300 HZ, 1 Khz, 4 Khz.

LO cut filters - 6 db from 100 HZ.   

Output power from 220 to 550 watts, depending on power module.

AC mains function between 85 and 250 volts. 

Size: (W/D/H) 280 x 200 x 60 mm's

Weight: 1,8 kilo's






one channel version of the Double Head.